Free-Range Flowers

Its time to stop and smell the flowers!

Welcome to the new Garden Party!!   We grew organic vegetables for over 30 years on our farm just outside of St. Agatha (15 minutes west of Kitchener or Waterloo).  Now we are entering semi-retirement,  and as the saying goes,  “A change is as good as a rest.”    So we are changing!   Its time to stop and smell the roses —  except we don’t grow roses (well,  only a few).

We are now focused on growing organic cut flowers for florists, designers, DIY’ers,  and flower lovers everywhere.  We still practice organic techniques,  and we remain humbled and inspired by the beauty and grace of the natural world around us.   Indeed we are blessed to be able to walk in a field of flowers and lose ourselves in the colours of the blooms,  the smells in the air,  and the sounds of the pollinators and birds.

So before our time here is over,  we want to share with you the peace, strength and joy that nature gives us.  So peruse our new site.   Pass our name onto a friend or relative who needs flowers for an event or wedding.  Send a message with flowers to someone you care about.  Or stop by for a visit and stand in a field of flowers.