LAST peonies this week! $20/bunch, paper wrapped with greenery. Or visit our bouquet bar and build your own bouquet of peonies, or peonies & other flowers. Huge assortment of flowers in addition to all colours of peonies: snapdragons, alliums, bachelors buttons, feverfew, sweet william, campanula etc etc. Our flower tent is open weekly:
Fridays – noon to 4:00 pm and Saturdays, 9:00 – 4:00 pm
Cash or e-transfer – details in the tent.
If you want to preorder – here is our online pop-up shop.

You can also preorder bouquets or fun buckets of flowers in this shop

Flower Buckets

We love to provide buckets of flowers for special events.
We are launching a new program where you can book buckets of mixed florals for pickup any week between June and October. These buckets have 60 + stems and a curated mix of focals, foliage, dainties and other flowers in the palette of your choice. These buckets are best for pre-planned events where you need us to reserve for a specific date.

OR – we can do a slightly smaller flower fun bucket a day ahead. No need to reserve – just email us or order in our shop. Fun buckets have a mix of palettes so you can make 3 different large arrangements in different styles. Fun buckets are great for an afternoon on the deck with a few friends, or a child’s birthday party.

Designers & Florists

If you are a designer or florist in the K-W area who has been thinking about buying local flowers, we think we’ve got some interesting options for you. Check out our weekly availability. The list opens on Thursdays, for pickup the following Wednesday.

Wholesale Plug & Root Orders for Spring 2024

The first round of wholesale plug and root orders was placed in October 2023. Sorry if you missed it. Wholesale plugs are grown to order – so its too late now. You can subscribe to a newsletter to get updates so you don’t miss it next year!