Fall Plugs, Peony Roots, Perennials

We are taking preorders for perennials, peonies, irises, ranunculus and anemone. Pickup is Sept 1 – 3 for perennials and irises, and first week of October for peonies, ranunculus & anemone. We will also ship peony roots, ranunculus, anemone and irises (but we do not ship perennials) Here’s the shop.

Bulk Event Flowers

To book event or wedding flowers, or just to order a bucket of flowers to have some fun – look here for the details. If you are ready to book you can purchase bulk buckets in various palettes in this shop.

Designers & Florists

We have a weekly on-line listing and we accept preorders. If you want to be on our mailing list for details please contact us. Be sure to provide your business name and address!

On a sad note – we will not be opening for PYO in 2023. We are starting to retire – and our weekends are now for family and friends. We are happy about that change — we feel we deserve it. BUT – we are sorry not to see our regular flower lovers anymore. Please consider purchasing a bulk bucket any time, or a ready made bouquet! Here’s the pop-up shop for that.