Making flowers beautiful again — for everyone!

Welcome to the new Garden Party!!   We  grew organic vegetables for over 30 years. But then we started to learn about how unsustainable and unfair cut flowers can be.  Most of the flowers you see are grown and treated with harmful chemicals.  Often they are imported long distances from places with unfair labour practices.    Well,  we just can’t stand for that!

So we have switched from vegetables to blooms.  We follow organic standards and grow cut flowers for designers, DIY’ers and other flower lovers. We invite you to pick-your-own flowers on our farm –  so you can experience the beauty for yourself.

Help us make flowers beautiful again –  for everyone.


Saturdays & Sundays 9:00 – 4:00

Check here for our weekly

Bloom Report to see what’s ready now.

We sell to some of Canada’s top designers.  Those amazing designs you see on-line and in magazines probably have some of our flowers in them. Come see where the magic starts!