Flowers – The Backstory

The local ‘field to vase’ flower movement is just getting started,  and we want to nudge it along.  There has been an explosion in new flower farmers,  inspired by images of women walking through flower fields at dawn with arms full of peonies and delphiniums,  with the mist rising around them. 

That’s nice.  BUT inspirational images don’t grow killer lisianthus or help you figure out if you should quit your day job to grow flowers.  We know that ecological flower growing is a craft that is developed over time with knowledge, skills and observation of nature.  We want to help with that by sharing the ‘backstory’ to flower farming.

So check back here.  We’ll be building a portal to amazing resources to help a new generation of flower farmers get bloomin.

Theresa has been a leader in the organic farm community and an organic farmer for over 20 years.  She helped to build the organic movement in the 90s and the local food movement after that.  Now,  she is passing on what she learned to a new generation of ecological flower growers through the “Flower Power” blog (link?).  She is available as a workshop speaker and flower farm consultant.