Designers & Florists

We are primarily a wholesale cut flower farm. We don’t do any design work ourselves, so YOU get the best blooms we have every week.

We sell to designers through 2 on-line markets. We keep both these shops up to date with the latest availability – so it is easy for you to purchase online every week. But if that doesn’t work for you – please email us your questions or orders. (Just be aware we aren’t that quick to respond to individual messages during the season because we are out in the field.)

Online markets open pre Mother’s Day

We have thousands of daffodils & tulips, greenhouse ranunculus, perennials like bleeding hearts & columbine, stock, snapdragons… which we expect will be ready for Mother’s Day orders. We welcome new accounts in 2023. It is free to join. Pickup available at Garden Party Flower Farm (1528 Notre Dame Drive, St. Agatha) on Wednesday mornings. Delivery to Guelph, Elora, Cambridge, KW and Hamilton on Wednesdays.

How do I get signed up as a buyer?

If you sign up on the form to the right then you will get a weekly reminder when the shop is opening. Or just visit the on-line marketplace.

Buying Our Flowers in the GTA

Photo by Danijela Weddings

You can purchase our flowers through The Local Flower Collective.

We are honoured to join multiple other farms in supplying the GTA with AWESOME cuts. You must be a member to buy at the collective – contact them to join.

Note – preorders, and standing orders, can be placed at the collective too. (TLFC uses a members Slack channel for this communication.)

Placing Preorders

Yes we accept prebooks. You can reserve your favourites for any week between Mother’s Day and mid October. BUT – remember your flowers are not sitting somewhere in a cooler waiting for shipping. We have to work with Mother Nature to grow them — and honestly, we love her, but she can be moody and unpredictable. So – we use a ‘2 step’ process to confirm preorders.

  1. Email us your date, the flowers you want, and quantities. Please try to be specific!!!
  2. We will respond with ‘likey yes’ (pending Mother Nature’s mood) or ‘probably not’ (and you should look elsewhere to source what you need). If we think we’ll be able to supply your order we will also give you a ball park price – but not a firm quote.
  3. When we are 2 weeks out from your date, we will circle back to you with a firm commitment and an order confirmation. Terms are payment by e-transfer or credit card at or after pickup/delivery.

You must be a designer/florist registered with one of the two marketplaces above to place a wholesale order!! If you are not a designer and are arranging your own flowers for a wedding or event – please visit our DIY Weddings page.

Standing Orders

Standing orders are perfect if you like to have mixed florals in your shop or if you run a weekly bouquet subscription program. Email us and we’ll set you up. Just tell us how many buckets (floral buckets and/or foliage/greenery buckets) you want each week, and if you want pickup or delivery. We’ll set up the standing order for you. Buckets are mixed flowers (fillers, focals, spikes…) or all foliage if you want. You can make a standing order for any number of buckets – and you can cancel your standing order at any time. You are invoiced each week – and can pay by credit card or bank transfer.