Designers & Florists

We pick our very best blooms every week from Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving for local designers. Starting in 2024 – we are focused on building relationships with designers and florists in the KW area – so we’d love to hear from you!

How to buy our flowers

Starting in 2024, you need to be registered with us to purchase wholesale flowers. If you regularly purchased flowers from us last year, you will automatically be placed on our list. But if you did not purchase regularly last year – please complete this application.

Standing Order – Order by May 20

Simplify your life!! You can place a standing order for mixed buckets of flowers, delivered to your door or picked up at our farm (St. Agatha) on Wednesday mornings. Deliveries begin May 22, and to to Thanksgiving. (You can skip a few weeks if you need to.)

We offer 2 kinds of flower buckets:
Fillers, Sprays & Dainties – 60 stems of fillers, small flowers, sprays, texture items, etc. – $65/bucket
Features, Focals and Statements – 30 stems of dramatic, focal or feature flowers – $65/bucket.
Each bucket ‘type’ is available in your choice of palette: white/blush, warm tones, cool tones, brights, or ‘farmer’s choice’, from Mother’s Day until Thanksgiving.
(In early May, we will send subscribers a list of typical flowers in each bucket type so you can customize if you need to.)

Standing orders are billed weekly. Pickup at our farm Wednesday mornings, or we can deliver to K-W and area, Cambridge, Guelph or Hamilton area (delivery fees will be added to your oder).

You don’t have to choose all your palettes in advance – but you DO need to tell us on Monday what palette you want for Wednesday. If we don’t hear from you on Monday, we’ll make the choice for you.

Note that these bucket standing orders are our priority each week. So if any blooms are in short supply, standing orders receive them first. So this is the way to get the BEST blooms, at the BEST price, with the GREATEST convenience.
Season standing orders booked by May 20 get their Thanksgiving week order free!!

Pre-Booking Events

We accept prebooked mixed buckets for any date between May 22 – October 12 (perhaps later – depending on the season).
Just send us your dates, palettes and mood boards. We will assemble 1 Foliage bucket, 1 Features & Focals Bucket, and 1 Fillers & Dainties bucket in your palette for each event. We’ll send descriptions back to you and reserve these flowers for your dates. Then, 10 days ahead of your event, we will be back in touch to confirm and place your final order. You will be invoiced at delivery/pickup.
$195 per event to start. Customize further if you want – tell us if you want more buckets or additional bunches of something specific and we can add these to your basic order.

By the Bunch

You can also order ‘by the bunch’ in our online shop. We send out an email weekly with a reminder. You are able to order for 3 weeks into the future. You just select your shop date, and order in that shop.
Orders need to be placed by end of day Monday for Wednesday delivery.


Can I preorder flowers in advance?

You can preorder mixed buckets (described above) for any week between Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving, or
You can preorder ‘by the bunch’ for 1 week ahead in our online shop,


You can send us your event date(s), palette and/or mood board. We will assemble:  1  Foliage bucket,   1 Features & Focals bucket,  and 1  Fillers & Dainties bucket in your palette.   We’ll send the list back to you and  reserve these flowers for your dates.  Then 10 days ahead of your event,  we’ll be back in touch with final confirmations.  You are invoiced after delivery/pickup.   

$195/per event to start. Customize further if you want –  Tell us if you want more buckets or additional bunches, and we can add those to the order.

Can I get my flowers on a day other than Wednesday?
We pick flowers on Tuesday and condition them overnight, so they are at their peak for Wednesday delivery/pickup. We cannot deliver your flowers on a different day, but you can make an arrangement to pick them up on Tuesday or Thursday if you prefer.

Can I come visit the farm?
Our farm is not open to the public. However, we will be hosting a few ‘you pick’ events for designers/florists who purchase from us in 2024. You’ll learn about these through our weekly newsletter.

What if I have a quality concern?
Tell us as soon as you receive your flowers, and we’ll make it right. I do everything to avoid this – but my old eyes sometimes miss imperfections and problems.

What if there are bugs on my flowers?
There could be – but we won’t charge you anything extra. Seriously – we try not to include bugs. But, we grow organically. We do not use pesticides on any of our flowers. So that means you, and your customers and their children can touch them and smell them without worrying about the chemicals they are inhaling. If you find a bug – you know that these flowers are supporting life.

Can you handle larger quantities?
I just depends what it is, and when we know about it. If you need to place a larger – for example 10 bunches or more – of a particular flower, email us and we’ll let you know what we can manage. We grow lots – but we have season orders for lots already.

Can you handle list minute orders?
Its worth emailing us to check. But our goal is to harvest everything each week and get it out on Wednesday. But there is always a chance that I’ve over-picked and under-sold. So its worth a try. But your best bet is (1) standing order and (2) ordering in advance in the shop.

I need something quite unique – and I don’t see what I want in your shop?

We have a diverse farm with meadow areas, woodlands, planted perennials, and annuals. So we do not list everything in the shop. If you don’t see something, or if you have a unique request – please don’t hesitate to ask. We love unique!!!

Do you deliver to the GTA?
We are not regularly delivering to the GTA in 2024. But, we can get you a delivery quote if you like.