DIY Wedding

First –  lets get real……..Are you thinking of doing your own wedding flowers?    Think you are going to have those Instagram bouquets at a fraction of the cost?  Want to put your own ‘stamp’ on your wedding?  Love the idea of ‘grown not flown’ flowers?   Whatever your motivation –  doing your own flowers can be an amazing experience.  BUT it is definately not for everyone.  Some things to think about before your order our flowers…..

Don’t let Instagram set your expectation!   While those bouquets you see look natural and relaxed,   it took a veteran designer hours to make it!  That designer spent time sourcing the exact blooms and greenery they needed. For sure, they sourced from farms like ours –   but the thing is,  the designer knows the flowers.  They know what to ask for.  They know which flowers will hold up in a bouquet and which ones to avoid.  They know how to buy the flowers so that they are at the right stage of openness for the big day.   That is all before they constructed the bouquet and arrangements.  This wasn’t their first bouquet!!   The designer has spent years learning and practicing the mechanics that go into these creations.  The designer knows how to hold those spilling flowers in just the right angle so they look like they are falling –  but the aren’t going to!   They can make sure they use flowers that are not going to stain your family heirloom wedding dress.   They know how to make sure the focal flowers are positioned just right for the photo,  and they will make sure the arrangements are perfect from all the angles.

Most important ….  they are only focusing on getting flowers done.  They are not ALSO doing all the other things YOU are doing in the days leading up to the wedding.  And they’ve done it hundreds of times. 

If you want a perfect Instagram bouquet –  engage a designer!  You can ask them to source local flowers –  and we will work with them to get them the right flowers in perfect timing.  

OK –  are you still interested in doing your own flowers?    

You know Instagram is just inspiration and it won’t look like that.

You don’t know the difference between a Cafe au Lait dahlia and a Peach Passion Sunflower,   or a Fanta Morgana Scabiosa and a Blush Centaurea.  AND you don’t care!

You care about the environment and want cut flowers that are grown without pesticides and added chemicals.

Your palette description is something like:   “soft colurs with a few darker bits”   or “I really like orange and red” or “mostly white with lots of green”   and you aren’t explaining colours like:  “rose gold not yellow gold”  or “merlot not burgundy” ….

You are fine if the bouquet isn’t perfect from all angles,  and it doesn’t matter if some petals fall.  You will snicker if you left a delphinium too tall in an arrangement and no one can see Grandma across the table.  You’ll watch the video of the flower girl’s crown topple as she walked down the aisle over and over again –  and cackle every time. 

You are doing this for FUN with your family and friends.  This is fun and you are relaxed!  You are going to keep it simple and you have lots of help!

Then –  you’ve come to the right place – — so let’s get started!