Ordering Wedding Flowers

DIY Wedding Flowers – 1 florist bucket is $95

Order online – You will see a special ‘weddings and events’ shop. Here you can preorder bulk buckets. We also list additional items for DIY weddings like dried petals for confetti or table tops, etc. If you don’t see something, just flash us an email. Seasonally, we also offer a la carte wedding flowers (peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas, lisianthus….) if you want to order some additions to your buckets.

Try to give us 2 weeks notice at least. When you order, leave a message or email us your pickup date and palette colours so we can pick to match. IMPORTANT – we will not respond to questions about design, floral availability…. We will only respond with an order and pickup time confirmation. We offer a DIY program, not a design service. If you need more advice, you should work with a designer.

We won’t guarantee specific flowers – but tell us your favourites because it helps us get into your head when we are picking.

All wedding bucket purchases come with a free farm visit. Book a time a week or two ahead of your event. You can walk the farm and take photos of things you particularly like. Send these to us, and we’ll do our best to include them in your bucket(s). As a rule, our fields are not open to the public for visits/tours. This is an exclusive offer to wedding/event customers, and available only with purchase. You can also pick a ‘play’ bucket ($50 + tax) and experiment if you like. Indeed, if you have never made a floral bouquet before, we recommend this. You can purchase a ‘play’ bucket in the wedding & event shop – and just let us know when you are coming. We are usually open Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

We will pick your flowers the day before you pick them up. Usually: we pick Thursday evening and you pick up early Friday. Then you and your friends make all the arrangements Friday and hold them in a basement where its cool – and you are stress free for the event Saturday.

All the flowers are ‘design ready’ – they are cleaned and conditioned – just as we sell them to designers.

A bucket holds 50 ish stems (varies with the flowers – hydrangeas are big thick stems, sweet peas are thin stems…).

Every bucket set has at least 5 spectacular ‘focal’ flowers, 30 additional secondary flowers, and 15 stems of greenery and vines. These are seasonal flowers – to get a sense of what is available when, check out our pinterest pages. Note that we do not grow roses, but we use lisianthus as a rose look-a-like, and honestly – most people don’t know the difference.

How many buckets do you need? Consider that a typical medium sized bridal bouquet has 50 stems, a smaller bouquet is usually around 30 stems, a canning jar sized arrangement could be 10 – 20 stems…. Think about what you want to do, and estimate the stems. Most small weddings buy 3 buckets at least.

While we don’t guarantee flowers, we can do our best to include your favourites. So send us a list of those. Also tell us if you are doing bouts or corsages so we can include some appropriate greenery for backing.

One last thing – every year we get emails from very frantic bridal parties (usually the bride’s mother). They had flowers on order via Costco or some other mail order flower company, and its Friday evening, and the flowers have not arrived. It happens more often than you’d think. So for sure – we’ll hussle get you last minute flowers! But because we have to scramble (and we are old and don’t like scrambling that much anymore) there is a 20% late order charge on all orders placed with less than 7 days lead time. So – place your order at least a week ahead to avoid that.