Flower Farmers

Collective Plug & Bulb Orders

We coordinate several different collective plug, bulb and tuber orders each year. These orders are for cut flower farmers. If we aggregate orders across many of us,  we are able to place larger orders and attract volume discounts.  These are wholesale orders.  Starting in 2023 there are wholesale order minimums (vary by store).  If you want to place a smaller, retail order – watch our home page for those details.  Retail orders sell from an inventory on a ‘first come’ basis.  But for wholesale orders,  typically, we are preordering product that is being grown for us.  All Q&As about the collective orders,  and all ‘wishlist’ items are shared through our slack channel.  Please  join slack and post there. If you choose not to join slack –  you will miss important updates about your wholesale orders.

Peonies, Ranunculus, Anemone

  • Shop opens mid April
  • Order Deadline – May 31
  • Shipping or Pickup – early October
  • Wholesale order minimum – $250
  • Retail orders open in September – watch our hom page for details

    Plugs, bare roots, dahlias & woodies

    • Shop opens: September 1
    • Order deadline: October 25
    • Pickup Options: April & May 2023
    • Wholesale Order Minimum – $500 for each pickup date
    • Retail orders open April 1 for pickup the second week of May (we’ll post those details on our home page.)
    • Pickup only. No shipping. BUT – we can work with you if you have a local group of farmers and a pickup location. We need lead time – so contact us before August.

    This order includes plugs (trays of very small plants), liners (like plugs but propagated by cuttings versus seed), bare root perennials and dahlias. We also have some selected woodies. Note this is a large offering – hundreds of varieties from 6-10 suppliers. It includes annuals like lisianthus, stock, snapdragons…. , perennials like lupins, foxgloves, delphinium…., herbs like scented geranium, basils, ….. Deadlines are FIRM – so write it in your calendar.

    Note – if you want to host a pickup in your area, we can work with you to have the orders shipped directly to you. You sort the orders by customer and host the pickup. We handle the rest. You need at least 10 farmers placing orders to make this work. Email us by early August to arrange this.

    Help Build a Flower Plug Distribution System!

    Note that relay shipping (goods arrive here, and I re-package and ship to you) is VERY expensive. It can easily add 50% to the cost. AND it wastes so many fossil fuels to ship twice! AND pity the little plants who spend a week or more in a box!

    So why not host a pickup in your area?

    Your first step is to enlist at least 10 growers near you. Then, contact me and we can discuss the products you want to sell and the suppliers you want to use. We will set up your own branded online store for you, with whatever products you want to sell. We take care of arranging supply and shipping. We manage orders & payments. You receive the order and coordinate the local pickup.

    All of this takes a little lead time. Start organizing in July if you want to set up a September store to order plugs for spring 2024.