Plugs, Seedlings, Bulbs

 We sell most of the amazing cut flower varieties we grow as seedlings, tubers, bulbs, roots etc.  so that you can grow them too! Subscribe to this newsletter to stay in the loop about wholesale AND retail sales.

We sell wholesale quantities for cut flower farmers.  And we also sell retail quantities for anyone who wants a gorgeous cutting flower garden.

This page has information for Wholesale Orders and Retail Orders. Make sure you are following along in the correct section.

Wholesale Orders

We take wholesale orders for: plugs (little seedlings), bare roots (just the plant root), tubers, bulbs, woodies (shrubs), roses etc. Wholesale orders are VERY different from retail orders. These orders:

  • Are placed months before you will be planting the crop – so you must plan well in advance
  • Have minimum numbers of plugs, roots, tubers… for each variety – you can’t just order 5 or 10. Minimums are different for each variety.
  • Have a minimum dollar amount you must spent to place your order (usually around $500 per order)
  • Are seeded, grown and/or dug after you place your order (so there is no pre-existing inventory)
  • Are often changed between the time you place the order and the time it arrives (seeding failure, harvest delays, shipping problems, etc). This is because the plants and roots are not sold from an existing inventory.
  • Carry a significant ‘risk’ that some plugs/roots will not be viable. When you buy wholesale, you assume a few plants will not be viable. This is a volume based order.
  • Are not guaranteed or refundable usually.
  • Cannot be cancelled – your wholesale order is considered ‘firm’. You place it with us, and we get growers to start seeding it, or harvesting it for you.

We place 2 main wholesale orders each year:

  • Cool Flower’ plugs: NOW TAKING ORDERS – Order in June for pickup at the St. Agatha location in late August, or cross-Canada shipping in August. Minimums apply (4 trays of 365 or 4 trays of 200 plugs depending on what you order. Includes (for example): cut flower campanula, snaps, larkspurs, feverfews, poppies, dianthus (Amazon).
  • Annual plugs & perennials: Order in September-October for pickup in St. Agatha, other pickup locations across Canada (TBA), or cross-Canada Shipping in spring 2025. Preorders only – no last minute or in person sales. $500 per order minimum for pickup in St. Agatha or 4 tray minimum (from each supplier) for shipping (cross Canada). Note that I have to wait on final prices from suppliers before I can open the shop. But, in August 2023, I’m going to open a ‘preview’ shop so people can see things. The prices won’t be final, but they will be close. You won’t be able to order in this shop – just window shop.

Retail Orders

If you are looking for smaller quantities, we also have the following online and in-person sales each year. These orders:

  • Have no order minimums
  • Are paid for at the time of ordering
  • Have some in-person shopping from existing inventory (so when its gone, its gone) – but only on the dates given (we are not open at other times)

We will be having the following sales in the 2024 season:

  • Spring seedlings sale (2 inch pots of many cut flower annuals + perennials): In person shopping is May 17 – 19. If stock remains, we will re-open May 24. You can just drop in to look, or purchase online. And you can browse the online shop to get a sense of what we have.
  • Summer perennial sale (larger pots of various perennials – focusing on cut flower varieties, plus some shrubs and roses). Date TBA – will be late August. In person only – no online preorders for this sale. We try to combine this sale with garden walks and seed collection. Details TBA.
  • Specialty bulbs & peony roots (Alliums and specialty fall bulbs, ranunculus & anemone. Online shop opens in September for pickup in St. Agatha, or cross-Canada shipping in October. Note that I am not expecting to open a bulbs/peony shop in fall 2023. But hope to be back at in for fall 2024.

So its A LOT to keep track of – right? Thats why you want to subscribe to this newsletter. We always send out a notice when sales are opening and closing, and when in-person events are happening.
There is also a SLACK CHANNEL to discuss wholesale orders specifically (not for retail orders). Feel free to join that – and go to the spring-2025 channel.

Help Build a Flower Plug Distribution System!

Note that relay shipping (goods arrive here, and I re-package and ship to you) is VERY expensive. It can easily add 50% to the cost. AND it wastes so many fossil fuels to ship twice! AND pity the little plants who spend a week or more in a box!

So why not host a pickup in your area – and we will arrange for plugs to be drop shipped to you (sent directly from the greenhouse to you).

Your first step is to enlist at least 5-10 growers near you. Then, contact me and we can discuss the products you want to sell and the dates. We will set up your own branded online store for you. We take care of arranging supply and shipping. We manage orders & payments. You receive the order and coordinate the local pickup. AND once your orders reach a critical size, you get a percentage of the sales! I start setting up pickup spots across Canada in August, so contact me before then.