Work Bees

Interested in Volunteering  with us?

We are old!   Theresa’s hips feel like she has been an organic farmer since the dawn of time.   So – the only way we can bring you drop dead gorgeous flowers (and cool the planet with our ecological practices at the same time)  is if we have some help!! 


Enjoy some fresh air. Learn some skills.  Take home some loot (plants, seeds, flowers…) .  No commitment.  But you need to email us that you are coming!! Sometimes we change things last minute and we may need to get in touch with you. If its raining we will cancel.  There are still spots available in our last work-bee for the season:

Seed Saving Workbee

Help us pull all the spent flowers & plants –  and collect some gorgeous flower seeds to take home for next year’s garden.  We’ll work from 9:30 – 11:30,  and you can collect seeds as we go.  We have tons available: marigolds, calendulas, celosias, amaranthus, grasses, foxgloves, gomphrena, strawflowers, bachelor buttons, sweet williams, snapdragons  and on and on…   

Free –  but spots are limited –  Email us to register

Bring: envelopes or bags for your seeds,  and a marker to label them.  Wear gloves. 

Dahlia Dig

Sunday October 20 – 9:00 – noon.   Everyone needs another dahlia for their garden!  Come help us dig ours,  and take some of our extras home!  Learn about this amazing flower while you work.  Note – you have to store your dahlia tuber over winter in a cool place that won’t freeze.  If you can’t do that,  best to buy tubers from us next spring! Register by emailing us.  This workbee is limited to 10 people.

What to bring?

A few containers (boxes, bins, bags) to take dahlia tubers home.

A shovel  –  you can’t dig without a shovel –  and we don’t have enough!!

Here is a list of dahlia varieties available  Surplus dahlia varieties