Work with Us

Interested in Volunteering  with us?

We are old!   Theresa’s hips feel like she has been an organic farmer since the dawn of time.   So – the only way we can bring you drop dead gorgeous flowers (and cool the planet with our ecological practices at the same time)  is if we have some help!! 


Enjoy some fresh air. Learn some skills.  Take home some loot (plants, seeds, flowers…) .  No commitment.  But you need to email us that you are coming!! Sometimes we change things last minute and we may need to get in touch with you. If its raining we will cancel.  These are the dates for the upcoming work bees:

Perennial Party

 Sunday August 25,   9:00 – noon.   Its all hands on deck to divide re-plant some perennials:  astilbe, bleeding hearts, coneflowers, irises and more.  See how its done,  and take home 6 free clumps + PYO flowers    Register by emailing us.   This workbee is limited to 6 people – so don’t delay.

I Dig Peonies!

Sunday September 1,  9:00 – noon.  Bring your shovel and help us dig peony roots.  We have pinks, whites and reds that need to be divided and moved.  Everyone takes home 3 peony roots that they dig and a flower bouquet. Register by emailing us.  This workbee is limited to 6 people.

Bulbs and Bulb Planting

Saturday September 28,  9:00 – noon.   You know how you LOVE to see those tulips and daffodils in the spring?  Well –  this is the time to think about planting them.  Help us out,  and we’ll show you how to grow amazing bulbs.  All our helpers take home 2 packages of bulbs to plant in their own gardens.  Register by emailing us.  This workbee is limited to 6 people.