Ordering Wedding Flowers

We are making some changes to our bulk event flowers program. We will start accepting reservations for event flowers starting in April 2023.

What flowers are available?

Check this ‘Whats Blooming When‘ list to get an idea of the flowers we have available.
Note that we do not guarantee specific flowers. We ask you about your favourites and will try to accomodate, but we don’t guarantee.

There is a bulk flower minimum purchase of 2 buckets.

How many flowers in a bucket?

A bucket has 50 stems (more or less):

  • 10 focal flowers
  • 20 foliage/greenery stems
  • 20 additional stems (fillers, spillers, spikes)

If you are doing bouts or corsages – we’ll make sure we have suitable greenery included.

All the flowers are ‘design ready’ – they are cleaned and conditioned – just as we sell them to designers. You will have to do further prep to them like: re-cutting, stripping foliage, trimming buds, maybe wiring stems…..

How many buckets do I need?

Most weddings order 4 buckets. Small, intimate weddings usually need 2 buckets.
1 bucket will make: 1 large bouquet or 2 small bouquets or 3 table arrangements

Remember – if you are new to this, you will make some little goofs, and so make sure you have extras!

When do I get my flowers?

We will pick your flowers the day before you pick them up. Usually this means we pick Thursday evening and you pick up early Friday. Then you and your friends make all the arrangements Friday and hold them in a basement where its cool – and you are stress free for the event Saturday. Flowers will last fine in a cool basement over night.

Make sure the flowers will fit in your vehicle!! We use black florists buckets – like you see in grocery stores with flowers. The flowers will be 1 – 2 ft over the top of the bucket – so make sure you have the height you need. They need to be transported in water – so usually they can’t fit into a trunk.

Order at least 7 days ahead of your pickup day!

One last thing – every year we get emails from very frantic bridal parties (usually the bride’s mother). They had flowers on order via Costco or some other mail order flower company, and its Friday evening, and the flowers have not arrived. It happens more often than you’d think. So for sure – we’ll hussle and get you last minute flowers! But because we have to scramble (and we are old and don’t like scrambling that much anymore) there is a 20% late order charge on all orders placed with less than 7 days lead time. So – place your order at least a week ahead to avoid that.