Weekly Bouquet Subscriptions

You deserve better!  Forget the supermarket week-old flowers. Our flowers are picked the same day you get them!  Treat yourself (or a loved one) to fresh flowers weekly from Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving.

Every week,  you can expect to find a lush, seasonal, bouquet, designed by Mother Nature.  Our flowers are grown sustainably without any chemical sprays, so they are safe to smell, touch and sometimes eat (we’ll tell you when).

Each flower ‘series’ is 6 weeks.  Start with spring,  and then see if you want to continue!  $96 for 6 weekly bouquets.  Fully transferable –  split a share with your mother or daughter or neighbour!

6 weeks to welcome spring

(Mother’s Day – Father’s Day)

With classic flowers like cherry blossoms, tulips, lily of the valley, foxgloves, peonies and more – this series of bouquets takes us into summer.  A perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

6 weeks  of sensuous summer

June 22 – July 27

We combine flowers you probably know (daisies, snapdragons, sweet William, peonies, larkspur and hydrangea) with amazing foliage (cherry leaves, fuzzy lambs ears,  and the occasional whimsy (like dill or garlic scapes), into bouquets that will wow you.

6 weeks of amazing diversity

Aug 3 – Sept 7

By now our fields are in full bloom and your bouquets will spill over with flowers like dahlias, hydrangeas, gladiolas, lisianthus, celosia, amaranthus, sunflowers and so much more –  from restful  to moody to vibrant bouquets.

6 weeks of transition to winter

Sept 14 – Oct 19

Our final bouquet series takes you kicking and screaming into fall.  You’ll still catch the zinnias, amaranthus, dahlias, sunflowers, lisianthus of summer,  but  those give way to fall colours, and we’ll include a special Thanksgiving arrangement and fall decoratives  for your porch/deck.

Or you can purchase a single bouquet anytime ($20)  at our on-farm flower market starting in early May.

Delivery is available  on Wednesdays and Fridays to homes and offices in KW and surrounding area for $5/week.