Wholesale Plug & Plant Orders

We coordinate a collective order for plugs (TINY little plants), bare roots (plants without soil), dahlia tubers and other inputs that specialty cut flower farmers need. We started this because most suppliers require a minimum order and micro cut flower farmers were unable to meet these minimums. So we use the Open Food Network platform to aggregate orders. It works like this:

  • We source suppliers who offer specialty cut flower plugs and who deliver affordably to SW Ontario
  • We go through their catalogues and curate a list of plants I know we would like (because I’m a flower farmer too!)
  • In July-August, I assemble these into an online shop. So this is a ‘one stop shop’ with the cut flower varieties from all suppliers listed together.
  • Flower farmers shop, make their selections. There is a deadline – usually third week of October ish.
  • Flower farmers pay a deposit for these plants to be grown for them. Everything is grown to order – nothing is sitting in inventory somewhere. z
  • Invariably there are seed shortages and crop failures. We will be ‘shortted’ on orders. (This is why its good to order a bit more than you need, just in case.) I do my best to keep everyone in the loop when we are short.
  • Jan – March is busy for me with back and forths to the suppliers. But for you – its sleepy time.
  • In March I’ll start to issue final communications about changes to orders.
  • In 2022 there will be ONE pickup day for everything – it will be the week before Easter (I think – still finalizing.) Note – last year we did 2 pickups but honestly, I got way too behind with my own spring work. So – this year – lets do it all at once!
  • Buyers DO NOT PAY THE BALANCE on orders until I ask for payment please!!! It is easier this way. Otherwise there are a lot of credit card refunds and bank transfers to keep track of. So, I’m fine carrying the balance until everything is final.
  • On the appointed date – you come and pick up your order. You do not email me to change your selected date! Please understand that this is kind of like chaos.

Questions and Answers?

  • How do I get to be part of this amazing order? Email me and I’ll add you to our mailing list.
  • What do you have available? We are listing products from: Jolly Farmer, Rakers-Roberta (brokered by JVK), DeVroomen, VanNoort, Richters Herbs and George Sante (brokered by Ball). We’ll have lots of lisianthus, foxgloves, delphiniums, columbine, sweet william, scented geraniums, herbs, dusty miller, gomphrena, and more. We’ll also have lillies, dahlias, gladiolas, callas and perennial bare roots like: astilbe, bleeding heart, fall anemone, thalicrum, etc. Note we are not selling peony roots in spring 2022, and we are not doing any shrubs or woodies or roses.
  • Is there a minimum order? No – but the plugs come in plug trays. You must order a full tray (you can’t order just a dozen plants for example). Trays are various sizes – 26 plugs, 128 plugs, 256 plugs….. it varies by flower. Plus for 2022, a handling fee of $30 is added to any orders less than $300. (It takes as much work to process a $50 order as a $2,000 order. So this is some compensation for my time.)
  • Do I need to be a flower farmer to order? No – I’m not going to ask for a business number or anything like that. But you need to do your own research on the flowers so you know how to manage the plugs.
  • Do I need to have a greenhouse? Maybe – it depends what you order. Our orders get delivered in early-mid April – so we can still get significant snow and frost. You need a place to keep the plugs growing should that happen. Remember they have come from a grower’s heated greenhouse to you directly – so its a bit of a shock to them if you just stick them outside in April.
  • Can I buy smaller amounts? Of course – but just not in the WHOLESALE order. Wholesale means lower prices and the trade off is larger quantities. AFTER the wholesale order is picked up (April) we open a RETAIL on-line store. This store sells smaller quantites like individual plants, but also packages of 6 plugs., etc. So if you need smaller amounts – wait for the retail store.
  • I dont’ have a greenhouse – will you hold my plants for me? No – I barely have room in my greenhouse for my own plants. Sorry. If you need to get your plants later, like in May, then order in the RETAIL on-line store.
  • Do you guarantee the plants? No. I don’t know any plant wholesaler who would do that. This is not like buying plants retail. They are tiny plants and there is greater risk that they won’t make it. That is why they cost less. If plants arrive in poor condition, they will be taken off of your order. So what you take away from here is in good condition. The rest is up to you.
  • I just have a few more questions, can I contact you? Again – this is not a retail store. We do not have ‘staff’ here who are paid to respond to your questions. If there is something above that is not clear, yes you can contact me and I’ll add it to the list of questions for everyone to benefit from.

When will the store for spring 2022 open? I’m guessing we’ll have a slow open in early September. Some suppliers won’t have their prices to me yet and I’ll add them later. But by September most things should be there.

Where is the link to the store? It will be right HERE as soon as its open!