Bulk Flowers sub

We offer fresh cut flowers  as well as dried and preserved flowers and foliage.  Our main season is  Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving.  Then we offer holiday greenery and dried floral material in November and December.

Designers & Florists – Buy Week to Week

Email us to receive our weekly availability.  We send the list out on Thursdays.  You place your order on-line by the following Wednesday morning. You can pick up your order at our farm (1528 Notre Dame Drive, St. Agatha) on Thursday mornings,  or by appointment.

We hope to offer delivery to K-W and surrounding area in 2021.  We’ll keep you posted. (If you know someone who might like to do weekly deliveries for us –  please have them contact us.)

Flower Fun Buckets

Are you a budding designer at heart?  (Pun intended!)  You can order a designer bucket of cut flowers anytime you want!  Buckets have 60 – 80 stems and include a mix of focal flowers,  fillers,  texture and foliage.

Sit on the deck,  with some friends and some wine…..   and have a flower power party making arrangements, crowns,  and living flower jewellery!

DIY Weddings

If you are planning on DIY flowers for a wedding or event,  we have lots of options:

1.  Ask us and we can send you our wholesale shop link for the week of your event.  You can order the same flowers designers order.

2.  Visit the farm and Pick Your Own flowers.  You just need to purchase a picking time in our on-line shop.  If you are a novice designer,  you might want to also come a few weeks before your event to pick a practice bucket!

3.  Let us pick for you!  Just send us your palette and we will pick, clean and condition your flowers for you.  You just pick them up at the farm before your event.  DIY wedding buckets include 60 – 80 stems,  and a mix of focal flowers, filler flowers,  texture flowers and foliage.   We can’t guarantee specific flowers,  but we will do our best to match your palette.

Special Note –  DIY wedding flowers are for people who can really ‘go with the flow’  on their special day.  If you have a specific ‘look’ you are after, we recommend you work with a professional designer.  We specialize in growing extraordinary flowers.   We don’t offer any design consultation.

Another note (because everyone asks):   We do not sell roses,  large chrysanthemums or the kinds of carnations you see in florist boutiques and stores.  These ‘big 3’ are primarily imported flowers.  The term ‘specialty cut flowers’ generally means everything else that can be grown in our climate.