2021 Plans

Thanks to all the designers, wedding parties and pick-you-own enthusiasts who purchased our flowers and visited us in 2020. It was an unbelievable year.

As it stands now, we are likely to still be distancing because of COVID 19 in spring 2021. But – we’ve learned to do things safely! So check back here for details as spring approaches. Here’s our plans today:

We WILL have on-line seedling and tuber sales with curbside pickup!

We WILL be hosting ‘work bees’ with social distancing for people who need to get into the fresh air!

We WILL be offering pick-your-own — like last year, all spots will be pre-purchased on-line, no drop ins. We will start in June – but we might have tuliping picking before that. And we will be offering a special weekly pick your own time for memorial flower picking to help us remember family and friends who have passed during these difficult times.

We WILL be offering bulk flower buckets for weddings and any kinds of events. Plus we’ll be adding some ‘flowers you can do’ buckets with everything you need for fresh flower jewellery making, and flower doll making for children.

We WILL be selling flower bunches through local food hubs or small stores – and if you are a small store and you want to chat about details and maybe carry our flowers – for sure email us!

We WILL be selling wholesale – fresh AND dried flowers to designers and florists. Again it will be curbside pickup only. Email us and we’ll get you on our weekly mail out (starts in April).

We WILL be opening our fields for photo opps (engagement shots, wedding photo shoots) and photography clubs.

And we WILL have details on all the above on this site by early April. So hold onto you britches – we are enjoying a tad rest between seasons.

Stay safe. Be patient. Be kind. Stop and smell your roses.